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At Jamar Taylor’s First Chance U Foundation reaching the community through youth is our purpose. We are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by focusing on youth development, community, and education. We give children, families, and individuals the support and resources they need to gain educational, tech, and sports opportunities.

Founded in 2020, Each year, we aim to empower people to give back and support the communities in which our board members reside. Our sports, education, and tech, events give kids safe, nurturing environments that help them realize who they are and what they can achieve in their life journey.

 Our special events, such as financial literacy classes, sports camps, volunteerism, and giving and advocacy programs, give people the opportunity to develop the skills, abilities, and mindsets they need to thrive at any stage in life. As a nonprofit, this is our commitment. We count on the generosity of our board members and partners to help us continue our fundamental work.

At FCU, we believe we have something special—community—and everyone should have access to it, along with the programs and services that help us learn, grow and thrive.

So, when you give to FCU, you make your community stronger. We will use your gift to nurture children and teens, improve the community, and support those in need right in your neighborhood.

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