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Cheryl Beaver

First of all I would like to say thank First Chance U for reaching out to our family during difficult times.  


It was during Thanksgiving, I had just received my cousin back after being removed by DCYF. We fought DCYF for a long two years. We filed on DCYF in the Supreme court and won. 


I received a phone call from Ms. Denise at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club. She had a group that was going to adopt our family for Christmas! We didn’t have resources, so that was right on time for us.  I received a call from First Chance asking what the family wanted to eat for Christmas and what kind of gifts we wanted. The list was fulfilled! The children opened the presents and jumped for joy.  They were so excited and happy to receive all the gifts and food. 


First Chance U took a heavy load off my back.  I didn’t know where I was going to get them gifts in a short period of time. They really helped our family. We are very thankful for your FCU.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  Its groups like this that really make a difference in peoples lives. I also want to thank First Chance U for connecting my family with a tutor to help get him on track with his learning. 

And thank you for the gift card; it got the children a jacket and shoes. I’m so thankful for eveything.  I want to give a special thanks to FCU. I can’t thank them enough for all the work they are doing to help families in time of need.



Thank you, thank  you, thank  you 


Kellie Brown

First Chance U Foundation is an amazing foundation. During the holidays, my family and I were blessed by the genuine caring and kind gestures of its founders.


Due to recent changes in financial matters at that time, if it weren't for them(FCU), my and I would not have been able to celebrate the Holidays. My 11-year-old was able to smile and open gifts as she would have during any other Christmas, thanks to such a wonderful foundation. Everyone, from myself down to my youngest, which is a newborn, was Blessed. Everyone was included.


Their caring nature extends far beyond the foundation, I believe. Just as genuine, ordinary people, you get a sense that this is their true calling to help, care, and support the person/family as a whole. I'm truly grateful that my son, my family, and I had been chosen to be linked with such wonderful people and such an amazing one-of-a-kind foundation as FCU.


I am forever grateful!


Sundee Weddle

This summer I took my son, Andrew and grandson Josiah to the football camp at Helix High School. Andrew and Josiah had fun learning how to play football, meeting new people and building their self confidence. They had such a great time and talked about it for weeks, they still wear their t-shirts with pride! 
I am a single mom and it has been a challenge for me raising my boys to know and love sports. I appreciate that opportunity to have Andrew and Josiah connect with individuals  who can inspire their interest in football. Last year my oldest son died at the age of 22. It was difficult for me and my kids to adjust to life without him. Everything in my life came to a screeching hault, including being able to be a mom and grandma. I had to plan and pay for a funeral and still try and work while in a state of shock and grief. 
A member of your organization reached out to me and offered to help. On Thanksgiving I received a beautiful gift basket full of foods to make for my family on Thanksgiving. It brought a smile to our faces and filled my heart with hope. The holidays are difficult without my son here. I struggled with working and had to quit my job of 15 years because I was missing so much work surrounding the circumstances of my son's death. I was dreading Christmas too. I knew I would not be able to afford gifts for the kids. But once again FCU came to our rescue and provided gifts for Andrew and Josiah. They were so excited to have gifts to open on Christmas morning. Thank you Latrice, FCU and to all who sponsored my family this year. I could not have done it without you ❤️ I am truly grateful and feel blessed. Thank you so much.


Kashanda Family

Me and my family are blessed and thankful for this year’s holiday. Thank you for the help you gave our parents for Christmas. My family and I would like to wish your family a happy new year in the hope we can return the favor someday. Thank you to the FCU family.


Tyeisha, Chester, Keiona & Tyshawn

I want to thank Trey and FCU for everything; for helping me and my family out during the holiday season, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas. They put a smile on our faces! We probably wouldn’t have had any holiday cheer this year if it wasn’t for them. With me being a single mother, taking care my son and my sister, sometimes ends don’t meet needs, since it’s only my income and having bills and rent to pay. So again, we are very thankful for Trey and FCU this year 2022 for helping us out and making our Holiday wishes come true!

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